Before & After - Dental Implants

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This 29 year old presented to our office missing her front tooth. Unfortunately, because the tooth having had a root canal in the past, she was unaware of any decay until the tooth broke off while out to dinner. Dental decay had seeped under her veneer causing a large and weakened the tooth to the point it broke off. The advancements in implant materials and 3D technology allow for aesthetic, natural results like you see here to be part of our everyday practice at Utah Valley Periodontics and Dental Implants.


This 25 year-old female presented to our office to replace her central incisor that she lost as the result of a failed root canal on the tooth. She desires a long-term solution, that requires no alteration to the neighboring teeth and look as "natural and life-like" as possible. Below we see the results of her implant treatment. The results are amazing and with regular professional check-ups, one can anticipate dental implants lasting for many years, if not a lifetime. When it comes to replacing missing teeth, dental implants are the most conservative, longest lasting treatment option available.


This 28 year old female from Vernal Utah lost her teeth to trauma. She desires to have her teeth replaced with individual dental implants rather than a bridge for ease of dental hygiene and maintenance. Here we see the results of her implant treatment: a beautiful, confident smile!


This otherwise healthy, active 21 year old male presented to our office missing both maxillary lateral incisors. His treatment objectives included; replacement of his missing teeth without having to compromise the adjacent teeth by grinding them done for a bridge. Secondly, he would like to explore the possibility of having his implants placed and restored all in one appointment. Below are the results of his implant treatment with Dr. Alex Bankhead and his team at Utah Valley Periodontics and Dental Implants.


This 41 year old female from Sandy, Utah lost her teeth due to a motorcycle accident many years ago. As a result of the accident, she not only fractured teeth, but a portion of her upper jaw was damaged as well and had to be augmented prior to the placement of her dental implants. She desired a long-term solution, a solution that would provide her with the smile, lip support and self-confidence that she has desired for many, many years.


This active and healthy 54 year old female presented to our office with a failing dentition.  She has grown tired of "always having a dental problem to solve".  After consulting with her referring dentist and taking her concerns into consideration, we formulated a treatment plan that involved the removal of her existing teeth and replacing them with implant supported teeth.  This option allows her to remove her teeth as needed to facilitate good oral hygiene thus enhancing the long term success of her implants while being able to enjoy whatever food choices she wants.  This option works well for those who have lost their own teeth to gum disease. 



This 52 year old female presented to our office with a sad, hopeless dental scenario.  Her existing natural teeth were all treated with root canal therapy and then trimmed down to the gum line (top left photo).  She was then provided with a conventional denture to go over the tooth stumps. Although we have not shown the x-rays of her presenting condition, she was suffering from extensive infection of her jaw bone as a result of this treatment.   After completing a thorough oral examination and dental 3D imaging, we formulated a treatment plan that involved the removal of her infected teeth and bone grafting to replace the infected bone.  Once she had healed adequately, we replaced her teeth with a screw-retained bridge on her upper jaw, with a removable lower denture to complete her case.



This otherwise healthy, active 44 year old male presented to our office with the desire to replace his missing teeth with dental implants.  His dental history revealed that he lost his natural teeth to periodontal disease.  He has been wearing conventional dentures for three years and is unsatisfied with their stability and retention.  He finds eating certain foods almost impossible.

Upon gathering our clinical and radiographic examination, including a three dimensional CAT scan, we concluded that he had adequate bone for the placement of dental implants.  Taking into consideration that he lost his natural teeth to periodontal disease, we recommended to him an implant solution that would not only fulfill his functional and esthetic dental desires, but would allow him to easily clean his teeth on a daily basis.  We suggested implant support bar-clip overdentures to restore both arches.  This treatment modality provides excellent results for those who have lost their natural teeth to periodontal disease or trauma which has resulted in the loss of bone and the need for lip support and fullness to their face.  Additionally, with the ability to remove the denture  on a daily basis for oral hygiene measures, this option works well for those have struggled with home care in the past. 



This active, vibrant 30 year old male from Lehi, Utah lost his lower front teeth to gum disease.  After healing up from the extractions, two dental implants were placed to support a four-unit bridge.   This replacement solution is very simple and provides our patients with a predictable and dependable outcome for replacing teeth.



This 59 year-old female patient is otherwise healthy but she was looking to create a mouth and smile to match her vivacious approach to life. She wore a conventional upper denture for over ten years and grew tired of the high maintenance that offered poor results. Her wish list included a more open palate to allow a natural feeling to return to her mouth; more room for her tongue to avoid compromises in her speech; and a prosthesis that would give her increased freedom and confidence in her daily activities.


This active 17 year old female lost her front tooth to external resorption associated with her orthodontic treatment.   Her dental implant, made of commerically pure titanium should provide her with a lifelong solution to her tooth replacement needs.  


This 68 year old patient who suffered from periodontal disease has elected to have her missing teeth replaced by dental implants following the elimination of her active periodontal infection.  Ask your family dentist if dental implants are right for you!


Eliminate your Partial Denture with Dental Implants!

Tired of wearing a loose, uncomfortable partial denture??  If so, we have just the solution for you!  With dental implants, your partial denture can be a thing of the past.  By utilizing the latest in dental technology we can do most of the planning steps without involving multiple appointment for the patient.  Our 3 Dimensional imagining allows for most of the planning steps to be done via the computer.  Inquire how we can give your smile, teeth and quality of life back  and with dental implants.


Life with Dentures? Restore your life with Modern Dental Technology

Most denture patients simply are not aware of the options that exist today:  Why is that so?  Most denture patients generally do not visit the dentist unless there is a problem, so they are not aware of the options for replacing their denture with permanent, fixed teeth.   It is possible with the proper planning and the use of 3D technology, patients leave the office with implants and teeth all in one day!


This young man presented with his two upper front teeth suffering from failed root canals and chronic infection following trauma to this area of his mouth.  Together with his parents, we decided the best long term solution would be to extract the two infected teeth, allow the gums to heal and the infection to clear up prior to placing his dental implants.  The photograph on the right is his completed treatment with two implants each supporting a single tooth.  This  solutions restores his mouth to its original condition prior to the accident.


Resorbing Tooth RootAct Immediately!
Most patients are procrastinating the day until the tooth breaks off before doing something to remedy this dental challenge.  Unfortunately, most dental patients are unaware of this just how contaminated the bone is when dealing with a resorbing tooth root.   My advice after 16 years of placing dental implants;  once it is discovered that the tooth is dissolving, have it extracted as soon as possible.  Being proactive will save you both additional treatment costs and delays.



"Combination Defect"- Deficient in both bone and gum tissue.

Combination Defects (the sunken in area) present one of the biggest challenges of all when it comes to esthetic implant dentistry. These cases require not only that the implant is placed at the right angle and position, they also require the skill set needed to regenerate the lost tissue. A Periodontist has the training and skill needed to accomplish both objectives: A tooth and a tooth that looks like it has always been there.   

This Beautiful 16 year old from Lindon, Utah was born missing her lateral incisor.  Spacing between her roots was the concern in her case as a certain amount is required to place and restore dental implants.  In cases like this, a one-piece dental implant works best.  A one-piece dental implant requires that a temporary restoration be placed upon the implant at the time of its placement.  While not every patient has space limitations such as we see here, it is nice to know that we have options now that we did not have just five years ago.  



This fun loving 17 year old from Kaysville, Utah was born missing his maxillary lateral incisors.  Following the completion of his orthodontic care, we placed dental implants and plumped out his gums so the new teeth would look natural and a without any concavities above teeth which always distracts from an aesthetic, life-like smile.


This woman from Orem, Utah is suffering from implants that are failing as a result of not enough gum tissue.  When gum tissue is lacking or thin, the bacteria that is
always present in our mouth, slips below the gum line and start dissolving the bone that anchors our teeth/implants.  

Unfortunately, in this case, the implants had to be replaced due to the severity of her bone loss.  The photograph on the right shows her new teeth in place after the appropriate gum treatment.  The bottom line:  If you have gum recession and ignore it, you are on your way to losing your teeth.  Bone loss is a lot like cancer, if you don't know you have cancer and one day you wake up and realize you do, it can be too late.  Seek treatment sooner than later!


This 46 year old from Mapleton, Utah lost his right front three teeth due to an accident.  In addition to losing his teeth, he also had a portion of his jaw bone receed upward, causing his teeth to be longer towards the gumline.  After years of "putting up" with his appearance, he elected to have his smile rehabilitated.  As part of his treatment, we replaced his dental implants to allow his smile to be balanced and symmetrical on both sides.  


This 44 year old Welder from Saratoga Springs, Utah lost his two front teeth as a result of a job related accident.  One of the challenges that his mouth presents us with is his "deep bite".  As you can see there is not much room for new teeth.  An advantage of dental implants are; they can be placed below the gum line at a level that works with his existing bite.  The photograph on the right reveals the final results! 


This 57 year-old Lehi, Utah woman is one of our favorites!  She is one tough cookie who has survived cancer.   As part of her cancer treatment, she underwent therapy that took its toll on her teeth, ultimately resulting in her losing them.

As seen below, she now has the ability to chew, smile and socialize with confidence. Utilizing dental implants and fixed bridges we were able to restore her "quality of life".


Space Between your Existing Bridge and your Gums??

The space between the gum tissue and existing bridge is due to bone loss in the area of the missing teeth. Bone shrinks over time without adequate stimulation, similar to a muscle that is not exercised. By replacing missing teeth with dental implants, the bone is maintained and preserved. His new bridge is supported and held in place by four dental implants.

Decay happens! Even with a crown, teeth can still decay. This 51-year-old female from Lehi, Utah had a large cavity under her crown which could not be fixed. Her tooth was extracted and replaced with a dental implant that is a perfect match.  Notice how well the gum tissue looks between her upper front teeth.

This beautiful 18 year-old was born missing her permanent lateral incisors.  Once her Orthodontic care, she has worn a retainer to "fill in the space" of the missing teeth.  She is ready for a permanent solution that look and feel like her own.  Her dental implants are so natural looking that nobody can even tell! 


A Tooth In An Hour! This 43 year-old from Riverton, Utah had her front tooth replaced with a dental implant and walked out of the office in less than an hour.

This 37 year-old male from Cedar Hills, Utah is missing his lateral incisors. He has had several Maryland bridges in the past to fill the space of his missing teeth, but seeks a long-term solution. The end result is two dental implants that look natural and match the neighboring teeth! 

This 34 year-old male from Sandy, Utah has an existing crown on his front tooth (the one with the black line in the gum area) that has a cavity underneath the crown. Unfortunately, a cavity underneath a crown often render the tooth unrestorable. The decision was made to extract the tooth and place a dental implant that looks completely natural and will NEVER decay! 

Accidents happen to all of us. This 36 year-old from Saratoga Springs, Utah lost her front teeth to a fall on a snowy sidewalk. Working closely with her general dentist, we were able to restore her smile and confidence with dental implants.

'Dental Handicap':  People who are missing back teeth. 

This 48 year-old from Draper, Utah is a 'Dental Handicap'. She is missing her upper molars, which places a tremendous amount of stress on her front and side teeth while eating. By placing dental implants in the molar areas we prolong the time of front teeth by removing the excessive forces off of them.


When it comes to Health Care Insist on the Best!

This 20 year-old female from Mapleton, Utah had two dental implants placed by someone who lacked the proper implant training and experience, as shown by the left implant protruding out of the gum tissue. We removed the ill-placed implant and repaired the hole in the gum tissue before a replacement implant could be inserted. This case demonstrates the need for a dental surgeon with proper training and experience.  Trust your mouth to a Specialist!