Before & After - Gingival Recontouring

More and more people want to recapture their youth and improve upon their dental appearance.  Today’s social and career opportunities play a large role in what we now consider esthetic or pleasing to the eye.   Take a look at these results and see for yourself! Esthetic dentistry often requires several disciplines working closely together to arrive at your desired outcome. 

New Cases Added on 4-20-17.  Details coming soon!



This 47 year old professional woman presented herself to our office with the hopes that we could do something to reduce her "gummy smile". During her initial visit, she shared with us that she has always been self- conscience of her smile and she hated to have her photograph taken
because her gums were so dominate. She was really looking for a new lease on life and felt like now was the time to invest in herself and her appearance. Below are the "before and after" photographs following her crown lengthening. If you or your loved ones would benefit from having your smile improved, give us a call to see what we can do for you!


This 27 year old female presented to our office with the chief complaint that she did not like her "gummy smile". She reports that she has been bothered by the excessive amount of gum tissue her whole life. She indicates that she is pleased with the appearance of her teeth, but desires to show less gum tissue when she smiles, laughs and speaks. After discussing the various options available to her, she has elected to proceed with a "lip repositioning procedure" that will minimize that amount of gum tissue displayed. The results seen here are one week following the procedure.


This otherwise youthful, active 52 year old male wants to address his misshaped teeth, the gap between #5 and 6, his missing lateral incisor and the uneven gingival contours.  Additionally, his dental wish list also includes: Replacing his Maryland bridge with a dental implant to allow him to floss his teeth.  He would like his teeth to be larger as well as balanced and symmetrical in size and shape.  Finally, he would like to have his exposed roots covered with tissue to keep tooth length from distracting from his dental appearance.


This 23 year old female presents with two complaints regarding her smile.  She is unhappy with the appearance of her front tooth that was previously restored with a porcelain fused to metal restoration.  She referred to the tooth as her “Chicklet”.


Secondly, she feels like her smile is unbalanced as she compares her teeth on the right to those on the left.  After consulting with her restorative dentist regarding our findings and the patient’s desires, we presented the following treatment plan: a hard tissue crown lengthening on her right side to match the length that she has on the left followed by veneers on teeth #4-13.


This otherwise healthy, active 13 year old male presents with Gingival Hyperplasia as a result of his less than idea oral hygiene and his orthodontic appliances.  By eliminating his excess gum tissue, his orthodontic care can progress and his brushing can be improved.


This 27 year old School Teacher wants a new smile!  She presents with several challenges.  She has chipped teeth, exposed tooth roots, worn teeth etc.  However, by doing what is known as "esthetic crown lengthening"  we were able to provide her dentist with a "level table" to place her veneers on.  



This 15 year-old Pleasant Grove, Utah patient presents with a "gummy smile". She would really like to show more tooth length and less gingival tissue when she smiles. A relatively common procedure called 'Crown Lengthening' was performed to eliminate the excessive gum tissue and enhance the hidden beauty of her existing teeth and smile!


This 36 year-old Mapleton, Utah patient has a history of losing two of her front teeth 10 years ago.  They replaced her missing teeth with dental implants.  Unfortunately, the crowns did not match up well with the surrounding teeth and has always "bothered" the patient to the point that she hated to smile. By recontouring her gum tissue, together with her family dentist, we were able to create a smile that is harmonious and balanced. 


This 20 year-old dental assistant from Orem, Utah is around beautiful smiles everyday and desires to have one for herself. She is aware that in order to improve upon the appearance of her smile (which by the way she has already had porcelain veneers placed upon her upper front four teeth) she needed to "even out" her gum line. Again we see what is possible by reshaping the supporting tissues (bone and gums) in the creation of a fabulous smile!

Who doesn't want a great attractive smile?  Everyone does!  This 50 year old has always wanted to improve her smile and her excessive display of gum tissue when she smiled, talked or laughed.  Unfortunately until visiting with her new dentist about what she would like her smile to look like, she had no idea what her options were or what could be done without major jaw surgery.  By performing "Crown Lengthening" on her front 8 teeth, she was able to obtain the smile she has always dreamed of.


This 20 year-old patient presents with a "gummy smile". She would really like to show "more tooth" and less gingival tissue when she smiles.  After her 'Crown Lengthening' we were able to give her the chance to flash a more attractive smile by uncovering the hidden beauty of her existing natural teeth.